I love to read. I love to learn. I love to talk about what I’m learning. That gave me an idea… what if I created a place for you and me to get together and talk about what we’re reading and learning. Brilliant!

You’re invited to join me and my friends for a monthly book club (we will meet once each month on zoom) where we will laugh, think, and grow together (I’ve been known to make people cry too 🤷‍♂️). Find out more information below, or if you’re ready, you can click here to sign up. It’s free of course.

How Does It Work?

  • Each month Jason picks a book to read together. (Most books will be Christian non-fiction)
  • You read the book (This is pretty important. Don’t skip past this part 😉)
  • Join a zoom video call each month and have a conversation about what you learned, and some lessons Jason learned.

That’s it. It’s really easy. Don’t overthink it.

Join the club

Provide your email address and phone number, and I will make sure you know what books to read and remind you when we are meeting. By providing your information I am assuming you want to be contacted. If you have any question you can email me.